Richie and Eve

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Our Story

Not looking for anything, we met six years ago in the height of the summer at a party. We laughed over sarcastic banter and random 21 questions throughout the night, never stopping for air. The night seemed to pass by in a flash and before we knew it the party was over and we parted ways but not before exchanging numbers. The very next day Richie asked me out on a date and I remember making a sarcastic remark about hoping it was something out of the ordinary and not just a dinner and a movie kind of first date. He responded to my jokingly snarky remark with "I would never take you anywhere less than amazing which is why I'm taking you to McDonalds" which was quickly followed by the two of us bursting out into laughter. He wound up bringing me to a really cool hibachi dinner where we happened to be surrounded by the best characters Long Island had to offer that night including a small, super conservative family of five and a couple that looked like they had just finished wrapping up the final season of The Jersey Shore. Needless to say, we had the best time but the night didn't end there. After dinner Richie drove me back home but I never actually made it through the door. We wound up (unintentionally) walking around the neighborhood blabbering about life, what our families were like, where we wanted to travel, and just about anything else we could think of. Before we knew it, it was about 2 am at which point we realized the night had gotten away from us and we had no idea how it happened haha. When we got into our talking tangents, we got lost in our own world, in each others stories and the sound of one another's voice. From then on everything between then and now is just a blur of moments that somehow led us to where we are now. Even though we weren't looking for love in the beginning, we found it anyways, in each other and life has just been one wild, amazingly crazy, lovely adventure.

Our engagement is a whole other story lol
Richie took me to Pennsylvania for a three day weekend 2 years ago at the end of October. He had planned to take me up in a hot air balloon ride and propose to me in the sky but the weather had other plans and due to multiple weather complications over two days, he revealed his master plan to take me on a hot air balloon ride (not the proposing part though obviously). Although we were both bummed about the hot air balloon ride, Richie convinced me that we should make the best of the rest of the weekend despite the windy weather. We wound up going on a train ride of the country side while sipping on a cup of coffee which was fabulous but the day wasn't over yet. Richie was still trying to plan out a proposal here so I had mentioned awhile back that I loved going to Longwood Gardens when I was younger so he drove over an hour there in hopes of proposing there but when we arrived it was under construction with more than half of the gardens blocked off. At this point Richie is super annoyed and looks like he's going to pass out lol We took a quick walk around the conservatory and the few parts that weren't gated off before heading back to the car. Richie told me to go ahead and that he had to make a quick phone call. Not thinking anything out of the ordinary, I head back to the car and wait about 5 minutes before Richie catches up. He suggested that we stop by my parent's house a little early before heading back to Long Island. Little did I know at the time that he and my dad were in cahoots and we all wound up going to this cute little garden in Jersey. Richie grabbed my hand and we started walking around until we came to this mini tower looking structure where Richie insisted I wave out of the window while he took a picture from the bottom. He then told me to come down because he found this cool little spot hidden beneath the tower. As I made my way down, he vanished and all I heard was "over here". Upon walking underneath the tower, there was Richie, on one knee (fumbling the ring box, and opening it upside down, so adorable) and asked me to marry him. "YES!EEEEK! OMG YES!" was about the only thing that would come out as he placed the ring on my finger. BEST.DAY.EVER <3

And now, the next chapter of our adventure begins.
"You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about"
Phrosne Ras